Mikael is a musician born in Caracas on March 25th,1988. As an electric guitarist; without leaving his classical influences, he is an arranger, composer and producer.

His mother Evelyn Giordano a batik painting artist and Michelangelo Carnevali a classic pianist were the drivers of this exciting world on the musician’s life.

He began his studies at the conservatory Juan Jose Landaeta (Caracas, Venezuela) in 2004 he built his discipline and love for music. But it was precisely this concern of the hidden knowledge that makes him explore other styles; and it is when he discover popular music (jazz, Brazilian music, new wave, progressive rock, pop, funk among many others) and decides without doubt take the risk to venture into these trends. Thus he entered the prestigious school Ars Nova in charge of Maria Eugenia Atilano; school’s director and main teacher. After spending a year at that institution he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina where formalizes his studies at the School of Contemporary Music where he obtained his degreeĀ of musician performer; but at the same time Mikael attended lectures, workshops, seminars, courses among others in different institutions and private teachers . It was in 2014 received his specialization diploma in modern arrangements and composition for orchestra at the School of Contemporary Music.

Mikael lives in Caracas, currently working as a freelance musician and has performed numerous music for documentaries and other audiovisual works, recordings in different genres for many artists and of course never put aside hisĀ personal projects. To this, we would add that the Venezuelan guitarist is in constant process so that listeners can enjoy their exquisite and infinite work that never rests.